Vela Contributions

Contributions to Vela are very much welcomed!

Coding Standard

Vela is written using Python 3.7 language constructs in order to aid compatibility with other tools. All code must also be run through the formatting and linting tools described in Vela Testing


In order to submit a contribution push your patch to the Vela Gerrit Server using the address ssh://<GITHUB_USER_ID> To do this you will need to sign-in to the platform using a GitHub account and add your SSH key under your settings. If there is a problem adding the SSH key make sure there is a valid email address in the Email Addresses field.
In the commit message please include a Change-Id and a Signed-off-by (described below).

Contribution Guidelines

Contributions are only accepted under the following conditions:

To indicate that you agree to these contribution guidelines you must add an appropriate 'Signed-off-by: Real Name' line with your real name and e-mail address to every commit message. This can be done automatically by adding the -s option to your git commit command.

No contributions will be accepted from pseudonyms or anonymous sources.

Code Reviews

All contributions go through a code review process. Only submissions that are approved and verified by this process will be accepted. Code reviews are performed using the Vela Gerrit Server.

Testing Prior to Submission

Prior to submitting a patch for review please make sure that all the pre-commit checks and tests have been run and are passing (see Vela Testing for more details).

Bug Resolution

In the case that your submission aims to resolve a bug, please follow the Vela Community Bug Reporting Process. The document guides you through the process of adding a bug ticket to the bug tracker on the Maniphest website.

The ticket will be visible to the public and will thus help the Vela community track and find solutions to any bugs that are found during the use of Vela.

Please include a link to your patch in the bug ticket description.