Add 20.08 external configuration

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This is the root repository for all Arm Ethos-U software. It is provided to help users download required repositories and place them in a tree structure.

Fetching externals

The externals can be downloaded with a Python script. The default configuration is stored in externals.json which is a human readable JSON file.

$ ./ fetch

The default configuration can be overriddend with the -c argument, for example.

$ ./ -c 20.08.json fetch

Directory structure

The script will build following directory structure.

+-- core_software
|   +-- core_driver
|   +-- cmsis
|   +-- tensorflow
+-- linux_driver_stack
+-- vela
.This is the root directory for all Arm Ethos-U software.
core_softwareThe software executing on Arm Cortex-M is referred to as Core Software. This folder provides a small build system that illustrates how to build the key components for the Arm Ethos-U core software.
core_driverThe Arm Ethos-U NPU driver.
cmsisCMSIS provides optimized kernels and generic interfaces to the Arm Cortex-M CPUs.
tensorflowThe TensorFlow Lite microcontroller framework is used to run inferences.
linux_driver_stackExample driver stack showing how Linux can dispatch inferences to an Arm Ethos-U subsystem.
velaThe Vela optimizer takes a TFLu file as input and replaces operators that are supported by the Arm Ethos-U NPU with custom operators designed to run on the NPU. Operators not supported by the NPU are executed in software.