1. 8c61c0a MLECO-2985 Adding Corstone-310 support by Kshitij Sisodia · 3 months ago[Renamed from scripts/cmake/platforms/mps3/mps3-sse-300.ld]
  2. 7e56d8f MLECO-3071: Reducing stack sizes by Kshitij Sisodia · 4 months ago
  3. 31ae9f0 MLECO-2682: CMake and source refactoring. by alexander · 6 months ago[Renamed from source/application/hal/platforms/bare-metal/bsp/mem_layout/mps3-sse-300.ld]
  4. 661959c MLECO-2426: Support for new Corstone-300 app note AN552 rev B. by Kshitij Sisodia · 9 months ago
  5. 118f73e MLECO-2395: Allow users to select Ethos-U memory mode by Isabella Gottardi · 11 months ago
  6. aa5e1f6 MLECO-2345: Adding dynamic load support for FVPs by Kshitij Sisodia · 11 months ago
  7. 8f95887 MLECO-2082: Adding visual wake word use case by Éanna Ó Catháin · 11 months ago 21.08
  8. 0d11059 MLECO-1904: Update to use latest TFLu by Richard Burton · 1 year ago
  9. f9c19ea MLECO-1860: Support for Arm GNU Embedded Toolchain by Kshitij Sisodia · 1 year, 3 months ago